Potential Risk Indices for landfalling Tropical Cyclones in Mainland China (PRITC dataset V1.0)

A dataset entitled the potential risk indices dataset for landfalling tropical cyclones (TCs) in mainland China (PRITC dataset V1.0) was developed based on the China Meteorological Administration’s tropical cyclone database and can serve as a bridge between TC hazards and social and economic impacts. The indices were proposed by Chen et al. (2013; 2019) to estimate the severity of the impacts from landfalling TCs on mainland China based on observations from 1401 meteorological stations, including an index of TC-induced wind induced (IWT), an index of the TC-induced precipitation (IPT), an index combining TC-induced precipitation and wind (IPWT) and the corresponding category level (CAT_IPWT).

The dataset also includes TC identifier, TC name, province and intensity grade for the first landfall of a TC. The current version of the dataset is from 1949 to 2018 and it will be updated annually.


Chen, P. Y., H. Yu, M. Xu, X. T. Lei, and F. Zeng, 2019: A simplified index to assess the combined impact of tropical cyclone precipitation and wind on China. Front Earth Sci-Prc, 13, 672-681. Doi: 10.1007/s11707-019-0793-5

Chen, P. Y., X. Lei, and M. Ying, 2013: Introduction and Application of a New Comprehensive Assessment Index for Damage Caused by Tropical Cyclones. Tropical Cyclone Research and Review, 2, 176-183. Doi: 10.6057/2013TCRR03.05

Dataset composition and structure

The dataset has one file in text format, and the name of the file is ‘PIITC_V1.0.txt’. Sample data from the file is as following:

The file has two parts: the headline and the other the data lines. The data lines have 10 columns as defined by the corresponding column in the headline.

The headline includes the 10 following items:

Table1 Column description
Column Description
SN the serial number starting from 1.
YEAR the year of the corresponding TC.
ID a unique identifier for the TCs. The format of the ID is “YYYYaabb”.
YYYY:the 4 digit year.
aa: the 2 digit TC serial number;
bb: the 2 digit Chinese TC serial number. “00” indicates a lack of Chinese TC serial numbers for all TCs before 1959 and means that the object is an unnamed TC that occurred after 2000.
TCNAME the name of the corresponding TC. The name of an unnamed TC is replaced by “(nameless)” in the corresponding column.
PRO_LD the province where the corresponding TC first made landfall on mainland China.
CAT_LD the TC’s intensity grade at the time of its first landfall in mainland China.

There are six standard grades according to the national standard of China ICS 07.060 (GB/T 19201-2006), and a grade named non-tropical cyclone (NTC) was added for storms that were weaker than tropical depression and had maximum wind speeds lower than 10.8 m s-1.

‘>=TY’ indicates that the TC landfall intensity grade was equal to or stronger than TY because the maximum TC landfall intensity grade recorded was grade 12 based on the Beaufort scale, and wind speed records were missing from 1949 to 1972.
IPT Indices and category of IPWT as defined in Chen et al. (2019).

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