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July 25, 2013

Landfalling Tropical Cyclones

Here, landfalling tropical cyclones are defined as tropical cyclones making landfall in China. Among all of the Chinese coastal islands, only Taiwan, the Zhoushan Archipelago, Hong Kong, and Hainan are treated as landfalling locations. Data are listed in chronological order when a tropical cyclone makes landfall on China more than once. In the column of tropical cyclone names, ‘(–)n’ denotes the landfalling subcenter and its number. According to the Chinese National Standard for Grade of Tropical Cyclones, the intensity categories used here are as follows:

Acronym Description
Weaker than Tropical Depression or unknown intensity
TD Tropical Depression (10.8–17.1 m/s; i.e., Beaufort Scale 6–7)
TS Tropical Storm (17.2–24.4 m/s; i.e., Beaufort Scale 8–9)
STS Severe Tropical Storm (24.5–32.6 m/s; i.e., Beaufort Scale 10–11)
TY Typhoon (32.7–41.4 m/s; i.e., Beaufort Scale 12–13)
STY Severe Typhoon (41.5–50.9 m/s; i.e., Beaufort Scale 14–15)
SuperTY Super Typhoon (51.0 m/s; i.e., Beaufort Scale 16)

Please indicate that the CMA Best Track Dataset for Tropical Cyclones over the Western North Pacific was obtained from, and refer to the following paper in any written work using the dataset:

  • Ying, M., W. Zhang, H. Yu, X. Lu, J. Feng, Y. Fan, Y. Zhu, and D. Chen, 2014: An overview of the China Meteorological Administration tropical cyclone database. J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 31, 287-301. doi: 10.1175/JTECH-D-12-00119.1 (Click to view)